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Michael E Dym, VMD
Classical Veterinary Homeopathy
Burl Moor-Driben Animal Hospital
104 Kings Hwy.
Moorestown, NJ 08057

(856) 235-2155 or (856) 235-2524


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About Dr. Dym

Dr. Dym has lectured to numerous groups both locally and nationally, and has been featured in local newspapers, and local/national television. My commitment and passion to enhancing our pets' health, and strengthening the human/animal bond is what drives my dedication and passion to become a better homeopath through training and education. I live in Marlton, New Jersey with my wonderful and supportive partner and wife Elise, our two children Joshua and Shira, and our cat Misty, whose critically grave condition several years ago helped lead the way to my discovery of homeopathy as a viable healing alternative.

Personal Goals: to offer our animal companions the wonderful potential of getting well through the use of homeopathy, and to educate the public about the benefits of this healing art and science.



Presidential scholar graduate with a BS in animal science from Cornell
University, as well as VMD from the University of 1991.
Homeopathic training:: Have studied classical homeopathy since 1997,
with extensive advanced training and coursework from Richard Pitcairn, DVM,
PHD, every year since initial professional course.

Memberships: American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association; American
Veterinary Medical Association; The Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy.

About Our Practice

Full service conventional hospital with advanced diagnostic equipment and technical staff, along with classical veterinary homeopathic consultations. Initial homeopathic consultations take up to 1-2 hours if needed, which include extensive dietary counseling, as well as the incorporation of nutritional supplements to assist the body in the curative healing process, while evaluating the responses to classical homeopathic remedy prescribing.$150.00/hour prorated depending upon how much time necessary for consultation. PHONE CONSULTATIONS NATIONWIDE AVAILABLE.

We are currently seeing epidemic levels of chronic diseases in our pets, which are either present since a very young age, and even inherited in most cases. This gamut of health problems include skin allergies, itching and ear in-infections/inflammations, chronic intestinal problems such as recurrent vomiting/diarrhea, asthma, hormonal disorders, urinary tract diseases, behavioral problems, and even cancer. Conventional or surgery attempt to destroy the symptoms through suppression or palliation. The underlying cause of the problem is not often addressed, while the long-term consequences of the drugs themselves can cause unacceptable side effects. The pet can also experience repetitive flare-ups of the problem, which become increasingly difficult to control. Deeper or more serious health problems may develop with time, which are usually seen as separate or unrelated to the initial health problem. Classical homeopathy offers a viable solution to many of these problems. One of homeopathy's great strengths is that it VIEWS THE PATIENT AS A WHOLE, and avoids the narrow specialization that characterizes much of orthodox medicine. While dating back to the 1700's, homeopathy has developed a resurgence in this country over the past few years, and is practiced in over 1/3 of the world, including exclusively by the Royal Family in England, where they do not allow their horses to be treated in any other way. Our goal of homeopathy is CURE, not suppression or palliation. Mental and emotional well-being are increased, and the
patient is more physiologically resistant to future disease.

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