Dr. Margo Roman


Contact Information

Dr. Margo Roman
72 West Main Street
Hopkinton, MA 01748


About Dr. Roman

Dr. Margo Roman, D.V.M. graduated from Tuskegee Institute of Alabama in 1978. She took the International Veterinary Acupuncture course in 1976 in Atlanta, Georgia. From 1979 to 1979, she interned at Angell Memorial Hospital of Boston giving special consideration to the field of Nutrition. Dr. Roman served on the faculty of Tufts University from 1979 to 1986 teaching Anatomy and Physiology and some acupuncture. She also practiced at Brookline Animal Hospital and Walpole Emergency Clinic, both in Massachusetts, from 1979 to 1983 while teaching. In 1983, she founded M.A.S.H., Main Street Animal Services of Hopkinton which originally served as a mobile clinic and is now a full service holistic veterinary practice.

More recently, Dr. Roman has spent seven years of study at the accredited Renaissance Institute of Classical Homeopathy, formerly the New School of Homeopathy. She has also listened to over 200hrsof tapes of Dr, Richard Pitcairn's Veterinary Homeopathy classes, and attended his advanced homeopathic seminars. The summer of 2000 found her in Europe where she attended the International Vaccine Conference in Oxford, England. Dr. Roman is a member of the AVMA, AHVMA, IVAS, IVAR, NCH, MVMA, STONEWALK 1999,2000,2001 and WAND, Women's Action for the New Direction, and is very active politically and socially. In her free time, she enjoys riding her Morgan, "Champ", and spending time with her family. She has three kids Shira, Noah, Dalia and husband Jeffrey, also 2 dogs 2cats and a Cockatoo. Most of her time is dedicated to her integrative clinic M.A.S.H. Nutrition and preventative medicine have always been a primary part of her practice. She strives to bring classical homeopathy, acupuncture, nutrition, and immune support together with traditional veterinary services such as surgery and diagnostics. Educating clients is an important part of her practice. In the spring of 2002, her new Holistic Care Center opened as an addition to her integrative practice. This facility provides patients with Massage, Chiropractic, Reiki, Physical Therapy, Polarity, Cranial Sacral and other healing therapies in a center designed for the wellness of companion animals.


Academic Degrees

Tuskegee Institute School of Veterinary Medicine 1978, D.V.M.
Angell Memorial Hospital 1978-1979 Internship
Renaissance Institute of Classical Homeopathy 1995-present
University of Florida 1971-1974

Additional Training

Dr. Richard Pitcairn's Advanced Homeopathy Seminars 2001, 2002
National Center for Homeopathy Veterinary and Human Sessions 1999, 2001
IVAS acupuncture course 1976
TUFTS Veterinary Acupuncture TCM course 2001

About Our Practice

M.A.S.H., Main Street Animal Services of Hopkinton, is a growing holistic practice in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. Dr. Margo Roman is the founder and full time veterinarian on staff at the practice. Here at M.A.S.H. we offer a wide range of treatment for pets. We are not only a full service traditional clinic, diagnostic tools, and surgical services, but we can also provide alternative modalities such as Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Nutritional Counseling, NAET, Reiki, and Herbal Medicine. Our practice philosophy is to provide a balance between conventional medicine and diagnostics with "whole health holistic care and alternative modalities. Each pet is to be treated as a part of a family - treating the mind, body and spirit of our beloved companion animals. We recognize and respect the sacred bond between companion and caretaker.

We also have two part-time holistic veterinarians of staff. Dr. Leah Postman specializes in rabbit and avian medicine; she is well educated in the field of western herbs. Dr. Rosario Delgado has just joined us, and is trained in acupuncture. She is currently studying homeopathy. The practice has four technicians on staff. Jennifer Lomastro-Love, head technician, has studied at the Renaissance Institute of Homeopathy.

Please visit us on the web at or call 508-435-4077.